Serving the Energy Industry

Industries  and Sectors Served

1. Oil and Gas 

  1. Upstream

  2. Midstream

  3. Downstream

2. Electric Utilities

  1. Generation

  2. Fossil

  3. Hydro

  4. Wind

  5. Solar

  6. Other renewables

  7. Transmission

  8. Distribution

3. Natural Gas Utilities

  1. Transmission

  2. Distribution

  3. Storage

4. Water Utilities

  1. Distribution

  2. Treatment


  • Development and implementation of pipeline integrity programs in compliance with 49 CFR 195 and 192.

  • Development and Implementation of Health and Safety Management Systems, compliant with OSHAS 18001 and SEMP requirements.

  • Environmental Management Systems compliant with ISO 14000.

  • Workforce strategies, workforce planning, job descriptions, setting and standardizing job tasks and expectations; and defining skills and knowledge requirements.

  • Implementing process management, re-engineering strategies, training, and optimizing organizational performance.

  • Design of human resource strategies to manage workforce resource loading, management

  • Maintenance Strategies and Management Systems.

Our goal  is to provide effective solutions that supports your business, be it a small or  large.

We design and support  you in the implementation of solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to help  ensure your success.


For more information on how we can help you find the right solutions to your issues contact us at or call 760 563-5401.

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